Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You'll never change if you just run away

I have discovered (as much as I hate to say this) that Sex and the City has a lot of very applicable viewpoints on life and relationships. In particular, Carrie's rules for breakups. I find two to be particularly applicable to my own experience. The first, you can't make it through a break-up without your friends. The second, retail therapy works WONDERS following a break-up. I went to dinner with my best friend "A" tonight and it was just what I needed. I desperately needed to get out of my apartment (breaking up and having your car in the shop at the same time leaves you feeling particularly isolated and alone). We also did some shopping (I got a new outfit to wear out this Friday!). Something about seeing how amazing your "tush" looks in a pair of jeans is a real pick-me-up.

A and I have had very similar experiences with men recently. Mostly that the guys we've dated prefer a simple life and therefore simple women. However, as a result of listening to the lyrics to a Christina Aguilera song, ("Voice Within") I began to accepting and embracing the complications/challenges that exist in life really the cause of difficulty in a relationship? Or is it those who choose to ignore the reality that life is complex and challenging that makes relationships hard? As with anything, I am sure that the answer lies in the balance between the two. Individuals who thrive in complex, complicated situations can benefit by valuing the simple aspects of life (in my case learning to choose my battles wisely) and those who value simplicity can benefit by embracing complexity as an opportunity to grow and experience life in a different way. However, attaining a sense of balance and equilibrium between the two will be difficult.

In staying with this line of thought, I found a specific line in the song to be quite applicable to how I'm feeling right now. "You'll never change if you just run away." In particular, people won't benefit from the differences in others if they run away from the challenge rather than working through the difficulty.


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